About Us

Our mission is to facilitate an athletic process in which people plan, set and achieve their personal goals.

We believe that support, accountability, and consistency are vital keys for success.Goals are most successfully achieved as a team. We are committed to fostering a community of mutual support, respect and drive. Our family like culture offers unlimited support and encouragement from coaches as well as fellow clients. The intent is for members to building long lasting relationships in which people learn to live healthier, well-balanced lives.

Our client’s results are maximized when a foundation of movement is combined with an awareness in nutrition, training strategy, and positive self-development. It is our belief that the foundation of all fitness programs begins with joint stability, muscular balance, and posture alignment. Our programs are designed in stages to establish the necessary posture alignment, muscular balance, and joint stability needed to support increased strength and stamina. Client safety is number 1. Although not all injuries can be avoided, our system puts safety first in order to avoid preventable injuries.

Sidney Turner, owner of Underlying Strength, is passionate about fitness, healthy living, and coaching clients to unlock their own potential and reach fitness goals. With eight years’ experience in fitness training, Sidney has professionally trained in a variety of settings including corporate fitness centers, private training facilities and in-home. In 2017, he opened the Underlying Strength facility in Yardley, Pa. to foster a nurturing and supportive environment, where members receive personalized goal-setting and training services to achieve maximum results. Sidney says what he loves most about his career is helping people help themselves to become stronger not only in the gym, but in everyday living.

Sidney is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Sports Sciences. His specialties include: balance and flexibility; muscular dysfunctions; Olympic-style lifting; paraplegic exercises; plyometric and posture assessments; sports performance; and strength training.